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Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on.
— Albert Einstein
Creativity is Contageous, Pass it on." ~ Albert  Einstein

Creativity is Contageous, Pass it on." ~ Albert  Einstein

Starberry - Strawberry Cough X Star Dawg - The “oh so desired” Strawberry Cough coupled with Chem Dawg is uplifting and creative. This strain will spark your creativity and invoke the energy to be creative. She has the wonderful scent of strawberry fields, and with her being sativa dominant, your inspiration will flow.

Blue Ridge OG- Highzenberg X SFV OG - In the Valley of Blueberries, you will find Blue Ridge OG. Strong over tones of Blueberry and under tones of San Fernando Valley OG, you get feeling of picking blueberries in the wild. With a good balance of Indica and Sativa, this one will get your creative juices going.



The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I think the best medicine is, and always has been cannabis
— Willie Nelson

Purple Punch - Larry OG X Grand Daddy Purps - Sweet and sour grape candy can be your medicine with this Indica dominant strain. The relaxing and powerful effects of this lady can help you have a great sleep.  While she is good for helping aid in chronic stress, insomnia, nausea and chronic pain, she simple makes for a great and tasty medicine.

 Orange 43 - Wifi 43 X Orange Juice Bud - This Orange aroma filled medicine, is an Indica dominant hybrid that relaxes the body but stops just short of a sedative. This makes her great for when you need to medicate, but also participate. She provides just enough sativa to invoke some creativity and inspiration, while helping with medical needs.



We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us
— Crystal P.

401k - ECSD X Florida OG-  401k has a quick mood lifting capability. It is a sativa Dominant strain and can provide a quick burst of energy while providing just enough Indica to medicate any weary soul.   With strong aromas of citrus, earth and fuel it’s the gas for your Travels.

24k - Clementine x Kosher Kush-  This flower has a great balance of an eye-opening experience and relaxing effects at the same time. She has slightly more Indica than Sativa making her perfect for the kick back.  Loaded with citrus from its Tangie parent, this strain will help you enjoy the ride.



If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change
— Buddha

DosiFace - Dosido X Face off OG - With an incredible terpene profile, this girl will slowly take over your body and mind creating a relaxing and meditative state. The beautiful colors of this strain are backed by sweet and earthy aromas. She is perfect for that day off on the couch.

Chunkberry - Hell’s OG X GooBerry X Recon OGBX1 -This uniquely selected phenotype of the Chunkberry presents a good balance of apricot and earth aromas. The heavy OG lineage touched with some berry provide a great balance of flavor and function. She is also a feast for the eyes with her brilliant purple tones. She holds relaxing effects will help you transcend.



When you are you, Zen is Zen ~
— Suzuki Roshi

Star Pie - Grape Pie x Star Dawg - A whole lot of grape in this one! She has strong odors of the grape pie parent, but with the amazing effects of Star Dawg as well, this lady creates calm, stress-free healing properties. Perfect for finding your center.  

Chili Verde - Keylime Pie(Durban Poison x Cherry OG x OG Kush) X Lavender - This Indica Heavy Strain will set your mind at ease. With a long list of lineage, she is loaded with great healing properties for stress and anxiety. With a little fruit and a lot of spice to her aroma, she’s just enough for a grounding experience.

Pink Starburst - GG4 X Black Cherry Soda - Despite her long line of Indica in her lineage, this one reaches the mind and body creating a relaxing experience. With some aromas of pineapple and glue, she will have you sitting you on the beach for a while.