The center of every man’s existence is a dream.
— G.K. Chesterton

Star Pie - Grape Pie x Star Dawg - A whole lot of grape in this one! She has strong odors of the grape pie parent, but with the amazing effects of Star Dawg as well, this lady creates calm, stress-free healing properties. Perfect for finding your center.  

Chili Verde - Keylime Pie(Durban Poison x Cherry OG x OG Kush) X Lavender - This Indica Heavy Strain will set your mind at ease. With a long list of lineage, she is loaded with great healing properties for stress and anxiety. With a little fruit and a lot of spice to her aroma, she’s just enough for a grounding experience.

Pink Starburst - GG4 X Black Cherry Soda - Despite her long line of Indica in her lineage, this one reaches the mind and body creating a relaxing experience. With some aromas of pineapple and glue, she will have you sitting you on the beach for a while.